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  /  News   /  Award of Santa Ana River Trunk Sewer Replacement Project—Phase 2 to Steve P. Rados, Inc.

Award of Santa Ana River Trunk Sewer Replacement Project—Phase 2 to Steve P. Rados, Inc.

On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, Steve P. Rados, Inc. was awarded the Santa Ana River Trunk Sewer Replacement Project – Phase 2 for City of Riverside Public Works.  Contract value is $21,599,345.  Anticipated job duration is August 2015 thru December 2016.

Work to be Performed:  The project will entail the construction of approximately 10,500 linear feet of 48-inch diameter Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Mortar (FRPM) Pipe using several construction methods.   This new Sanitary Trunk Sewer will be routed along the Santa Ana River in Riverside, California, commencing at Martha McLean-Anza Narrows Park on Jurupa Avenue and continuing easterly along the Santa Ana River Trail Bike Path to Ryan Bonaminio Park at Tequesquite Avenue.  The Project includes construction of more than 50 Manhole Structures with lateral utility connections and several existing utility crossings.  Construction of two (2) Channel Crossings will also be required utilizing Bore & Jack construction technology in which the 48-inch FRPM pipe will be placed into a 66-inch diameter steel casing.   The Project replaces aging 39-inch and 24-inch VCP lines and increases capacity to fulfill ever increasing demands due to growth throughout the vicinity.