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Myers-Rados, A Joint Venture, Selected as Team to Construct North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program Design Build ProjectM

On May 31, 2016 Myers-Rados, A Joint Venture, (hereinafter MRJV) was notified by the City of Modesto that it had been selected as the “preferred respondent” for the RFP – North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program Design-Build Project. A prequalification process (SOQ) preceded the RFP, wherein the Myers-Rados team qualified along with two other contractors; Overaa, and Filanc/Brown & Caldwell. The RFP was released to the three teams on March 2, 2016; with the RFP due back to the City of Modesto on May 2, 2016. The MRJV team prequalified with two dedicated subcontractors; MWH Global as our designer; and Michels Corporation as our horizontal directional drilling (HDD) subcontractor.

During the evaluation period (from May 2nd until May 31st), the City of Modesto  evaluated and scored our Proposal in the aspects of project plan (20% weight), technical design approach (30% weight), construction schedule / planning / and sequencing (30% weight), and price (20% weight). The City also conducted 90-minute Interviews of each of the Respondent Teams, to ascertain each teams’ understanding and thoroughness of its proposal.


The overall project is divided into eleven project elements summarized as follows:

#1 – Effluent Pump Station       #2 – Open Cut Pipeline                   #3 – San Joaquin HDD Crossing

#4 – Hgw. 33 Bore & Jack         #5 – Outfall @ Delta Mendota       #6 – SCDA

#7 – Regulatory & Permitting   #8 – Property Access                       #9 – Funding Requirements

#10 – Quality Management     #11 – Project Acceptance


The scope of work encompasses the installation of about 33,000LF of 42” pipeline from the Jennings Road Secondary Treatment Plant to the Delta Mendota Canal; rehab of the Effluent Pump Station at the Treatment Plant; rehab of the Outfall Structure at the D-M Canal, and other appurtenant items of work.

The Technical Proposal had to respond to all eleven project elements, in additional to speaking to other items such as (A) key issues and challenges, (B) innovations and alternative approaches, (C) preparation of preliminary drawings, and (D) the pre-listing of major equipment.

The City of Modesto and MRJV will negotiate final contract terms during the month of June; and the Contract is to be approved by City Council in early July. Notice to Proceed is anticipated for about July 15, 2016. MRJV will then spend the next six months completing the design, and in procurement. Construction is scheduled to start in the Spring of 2017, with completion slated for December 2017.