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Code of Conduct

For over ninety years, the Company relied successfully on an unwritten but shared set of values and an implicit code of conduct to guide the actions of our employees while conducting business; but our operations have expanded and the world has become more complex.So in 2007, we memorialized those values by publishing our Mission Statement and our values.  In 2012, we added a written Code of Conduct. Both documents have been widely distributed within the Company.

Below is an instructive excerpt from the Code of Conduct:

There is a yardstick you can use to measure your planned actions: the Company’s values. This generates a number of important questions:  Is this consistent with our safety culture? Does it advance our legacy of integrity? Of honesty? Of fairness? Is it how a responsible partner would act?  Will it yield another quality construction project of which we can be proud? Does it help to maintain our reputation for excellence?


The founder of our Company operated on a strict code of ethics starting in 1922, and we have continued building a Company of which we are and can be proud. This could not have been done without our past and present employees. Let’s keep it up.

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