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  /  News   /  SPR Awarded San Jacinto Valley Raw Water Pipeline – Phase 1

SPR Awarded San Jacinto Valley Raw Water Pipeline – Phase 1

EMWD San Jacinto Valley Raw Water Pipeline – Phase 1

SPR Job # 745


On May 25, 2021, Steve P. Rados, Inc. was awarded the contract for the San Jacinto Valley Raw Water Pipeline, Phase 1 for Eastern Municipal Water District. This project, located within the city limits of Hemet and San Jacinto, CA, is a $15,626,500 contract that is separated into Schedule A & B.


Schedule A
construction of approximately 11,050 linear feet of 60-inch diameter welded steel raw water pipeline, two 30-inch welded steel pipeline bypass connections, a 30-inch above grade suction header connection to the existing Commonwealth Booster Pump Station, a 30-inch above grade pipeline relocation of Hemet Water Filtration Plant 33-inch supply pipeline at Commonwealth Booster Pump Station, a 24-inch replacement of bypass pipelines in frontage of Hemet Water Filtration Plant, replace buried and non-buried manways, combination air valves, blow off assemblies, cathodic protection, isolation valves, demolition, fencing, trench repair and asphalt concrete overlay, traffic control, hydrostatic testing, pipe connections.


Schedule B
construction of new cathodic protection improvements to the existing 33”and 39” San Jacinto Valley Feeder, including the installation of approximately sixty four 2-wire cathodic test stations with anodes, three foreign line test stations, adding anodes to two existing cathodic test stations, one 2-wire cathodic test station, two casing joint test stations with anodes, one casing joint test station, and joint bonding cables to repair electrical discontinuities